Wherever you go, and to whomever you talk, everyone has an opinion for the recent decline in our economy.  Democrats blame Republicans, and Republicans blame Democrats.  Some say that the blame lies squarely on Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.  Others blame our woes on NAFTA, or CAFTA and the loss of jobs that these global agreements have created.

Whatever the cause, I think that it is fair to say that we are definitely facing some type of a financial crisis.  It may be a recession, or it could develop into a depression, but make no mistake about it, people are going to loose money, homes, cars, jobs, and some people may even loose their lives.

Because of the serious nature of this crisis and the finger pointing that has ensued, I have decided that maybe we should stop, and take a look at what the God’s word has to say.  The Bible actually has a lot to say about money.  In fact it mentions money over 800 times.

While arguments can be made to point fingers at all of the before mentioned, I believe that there is one basic reason for our financial problems, our nations rejection of Biblical truths. Political Correctness permeates nearly all aspects of our society, while Biblical Correctness is seen as too invasive to use anytime except on Sunday morning and even then it is sometimes used sparingly. We have embrace PC and rejected BC.

This forum is my attempt to shine the light on how we as a nation have rejected true Christianity and have embraced Humanism as our belief system, and it is this rejection of Biblical truths that is the primary reason for our nation’s oncoming financial tsunami.


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